Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daily Wear 6/4/09

This was originally over a black jersey dress with cute black flats, but that all changed once it was cold and rainy this morning! It was a perfect cool-spring-day look, even though it has been and will be in the eighties the rest of the week. More running around through crazy clinics punctuated by meetings. It was comfy enough that I nodded off in my noon meeting (oops). The fact that I had no time to get any coffee or diet coke this morning AT ALL had NOTHING to do with that either, I'm sure. Let me tell you, that's far from my natural state.

So far polyvore is working out ok for me...the actual scarf I wore today is Target's Merona Paisley Jamawar scarf, but apparently it no longer exists on their website. I think mine is prettier. Maybe I'll take a picture of it separately and post it on its own. But you get the idea.

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Mary said...

I love those colors-- so springy and fresh :) Definitely do post a real pic of the scarf, though. I'm such a target junkie that I'm pretty sure I know which one you're talking about, but I want to see it anyways ;)