Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A thousand different directions

I am realizing once again how long it has been since I posted anything here, and once again I know why. I hardly have time for the people and things in my "real" world, that to chronicle them here barely happens. I am studying for my first round of board exams. I am beginning to think about getting a real job (in a year). I have gotten my first paper published, am working on a second, and have about three more research projects in the works. I gave a talk to a group of neurosurgeons today (scary bunch, those) and it went really well. I was also asked to peer-review an article for an international journal. Things have been going amazingly well for me this year, just at a break-neck pace.

All that being said, this week will be the last of my 20s. Next Tuesday I will turn 30. I'm not freaking out about it like some of my friends have as I feel like I am at a comfortable place in my life with regard to my career and my personal life. I'm feeling more a sense of reflection of the things I have done and a turning point; a chance to set an intention for the next ten years. I'm excited, anticipatory. I feel like the best things are yet to come in my life, and for that I feel extraordinarily lucky.