Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still a Newbie

It's hard to believe that in 4 months, I will have completed my first year of radiation oncology training. I know it will go fast, and what worries me is that I still have SO MUCH to learn. My senior residents tell me this is common, and does go away, but that doesn't make me feel much better.

I'm also still trying to strike a balance in my life - I can easily spend all my free time studying, and have recently. I miss yoga, going to the gym more than twice a week, reading books for pleasure, etc. etc. I am realizing that I will be happier if I continue to incorporate these things into my life, and therefore more productive, less stressed, have less insomnia...I just have to remember that when it comes to crunch time.

In that vein, I have started training to ride a metric century with my bestest girl, Hillary. She is so inspiring to me, taking such control of her health, and has helped me to realize that setting a goal to achieve will not only help me focus my efforts at the gym, but also helps me to see my body as a tool to accomplish something, rather than as an object to be seen. It's been gorgeous here over the weekend, so I got my riding shoes outfitted with new SPD clips, and am hoping I will get my bike in shape to ride before the weather goes sideways again. If not, though, there's always spin class, which is currently kicking my ass. In a good way:

Me: (driving home after spin class) Hi hon, I just wanted to let you know that I am dying. So if I don't make it home from the grocery store, I'm dead somewhere.

Him: (answering the phone, groggy as I had woken him up) Uh...what? Where are you?

I then had to explain my attempt at humor, which makes it not funny anymore.
I also saw one of these at the bike shop today, and WANT. ONE. Badly. That way when the weather is wonky, I can ride in my own comfy basement. Much cheaper than riding a computrainer for $30/hour at another local bike shop. Yikes, can you believe that??

Ok, physics studying awaits. I am SO GLAD I am training for this field in the era of CT scanners and computers...reading about digitizing xray films makes me want to put my highlighter through my eye.

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