Wednesday, March 14, 2007

TB with a side of pi

First off, happy pi day. (My geek is showing).

Next, I did something in clinic today I did not expect I would have to do...treat a 25 year old for TB. Granted it was latent TB, but it scares me because she's a recently graduated nurse, and had negative PPDs. However, her quantiferon gold test was positive, and a nodule showed up on xray. And while she's been asymptomatic, and working (!!!) per the employee health recommendations, I have now sentenced her to 4 months of fairly hardcore antibiotics. It makes me wonder what I have been exposed to.....

Thirdly, I am having so much fun buying things for my Yarn Pron Swap pal! I need to be careful to stop buying things for myself too.... :) Etsy has so many good things, how's a girl to decide?
My Cozy lace shawl is driving me nuts. I've frogged a row about 5 times, and I cannot figure out why it looks like it's in pattern at the beginning, and then towards the end, the pattern is off, and I have an extra stitch. WTF??? I think it's back to the soothing ribbing on my sock for awhile.

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ck said...

That is seems like quite a few "eradicated" diseases are starting to make appearance again.