Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ice Princess

Good mother, it's freezing here. My page tells me it feels like -18 degrees F. I am shivering away in my computer room right now, drooling over lovely wool yarns that I ought not buy, but I want to. I want a stash. N would argue that I already DO have a stash, but it only takes up one little square area in a bookshelf. So not a stash.

If I had a stash, I think I would snuggle up under all the balls of lovely warm wooly yarn goodness tonight, and not come out. That's just how damn cold it is. It is certainly too cold to go traipsing out to see my friend's band tonight, what with the dearth of downtown parking, and the smoky bar, and the cold, cold me. Sorry guys, I'll catch ya next time.

We do have to go out to the Superbowl party tomorrow, not because I'm terribly enamored of the Superbowl, but party because our friends throw this party every year, and next year we'll be in Ohio, and therefore not able to attend, but mostly because I am making an AWESOME black bean dip. It's called a black bean dip, but really it's mounds of melted cheesy goodness with some jalapenos and black beans thrown in for good measure. It's from our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I shall post it later, after I dig it out. Yum.

I was on call last night, for the first time in the last month that I will ever do general medicine wards. It struck me how much more comfortable I feel doing this now than at the beginning of the year. I think I've learned more in the six months of my intern year than in my last two years of med school, at least as far as amount learned per period of time goes. I can figure out what's wrong with a patient, I uaually have a reasonable idea of how to fix it, and if I don't I know who to call to get a specialty opinion. This does not mean that I have learned all that there is to learn about the art of internal medicine, of course not. But I've become a much better diagnostician and know how to handle patients in the inpatient setting. I suppose that's what this transitional year was all about. Ok, great, so can I be done now? I'm totally ready to move on to RadOnc and start treating cancers, my true interest and career. I'm over pneumonias and diabetes, I tell you.

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